How to find out the site hosting by domain?

How to find out what hosting is the site?

In this article we will look at 4 ways to find out the hosting of a site, knowing only the domain (address) of the site.

What may need information about the hosting on which the site is located? The most common reasons:

  • You have a claim to the site owner (false reviews are posted, your text or photo is located without your permission), the site has no contact details or they are incorrect.
  • The site works quickly and without interruption, you want to know where it is hosted, so that your projects can be transferred to this hosting.
  • The site was handled by a third-party person, the site is still working, but it is not known who the host is, where to extend the domain.

The latter reason seems far-fetched, but we regularly encounter similar situations . The site was done by one employee, quit, the data on where the web resource was located was lost. Taking into account the fact that many pay for the domain and hosting for 2-3 years, it is difficult to find ends in such cases.

Find out where the site is located by domain – NS server.

In the window that opens, enter the domain of the site, click “Search”.


On the verification page, look for the “Whois Record” section of the “nserver:” string

huys ns

The main domain in the NS line will be the hosting on which the site is located. In the example above –, our hosting. This method is the fastest and easiest, suitable for most sites hosted on a shared hosting.

We learn the hosting provider by IP address of the site.

If the first method did not work (for example, the site is located on a dedicated server), you can try to determine the host by the IP address of the site.

To find the IP address, enter the command “ping” on the command line (replace the domain with the one you are interested in):

ping the site

The combination of four digits in the “Answer from” line will be the IP of interest to us. We enter it after the link

huyp ip

The page will show the host contacts for communication:

ip ip 2

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How to find out where the hosting site is located using the service

Go to the site, enter the domain of the site that interests us into the verification window. After waiting 5-10 seconds for most sites, you will receive detailed information about the resource you are interested in – the date of registration of the domain, the country of the server location, the IP address of the site, etc.

WIPmania add-on for Firefox.

If you regularly need to find the location of the server for the site, each time it is not very convenient to do this using a service or command line. In this case, it makes sense to install a browser extension, which in one click will show the site data.