How to choose the right amount of disk hosting for the site

To properly maintain the site you need to think a lot of things in advance. The same applies to the choice of the optimal amount of disk space offered by the hosting provider. Of course, it is difficult to make the right choice, as today on the Internet you can find a huge variety of profitable tariff plans, which, however, will not suit everyone. You can choose an unlimited package with unlimited disk space, but we recommend that you delve deeper into the problem. We will describe how to choose the right amount of memory on the hosting in this article.

For a start, let’s discuss a few nuances regarding unlimited tariffs. In fact, they are far from being in demand everywhere, as they have a number of serious limitations. First, because of the unlimited amount of stored data, the speed of loading the site can seriously suffer. This is because space needs to be allocated efficiently, and this takes time. Secondly, not every hosting provider reports that if there is no limit, there is a policy of restricting the use of other resources in order not to load hardware for the sake of one client. Remember that on the same server a large number of the same tenants are served as you.

The solution to this is the dedicated servers that are popular today, or virtual hosting, which guarantee you an isolated space. Of course, these rates are somewhat more expensive, and with the amount of disk space will have to break my head.

Yes, and before launching the project, you should consider in advance how much disk space you need. If you want to create a small website, then ordinary tariff plans will be enough for you. In the case of large web projects, it may well be useful and unlimited disk space.

For which sites you need unlimited disk space


A lot of effort will have to be spent to design community sites, but it’s worth it, since this project is almost a gathering place for adherents of a particular subject and views. Due to the availability of registration for users, as well as the ability to publish their own materials, creators should take care of unlimited disk space. In the opposite case, the project will not last long, especially with increasing popularity.

Video portal

Video materials are always a costly pleasure in terms of the required amount of disk space. Of course, it still largely depends on the quality of the posted clips and records. If you want to create a platform for the smooth publication of videos, you will have to get unlimited disk space. You will get rid of a headache, but you will also have to optimize your download speed. Difficult task. For which sites do not need unlimited disk space

Sites for corporate purposes

To support corporate sites, various CMS are used, such as 1C: Bitrix, WordPress and Joomla. You can find a huge number of available control panels on the Internet. They will facilitate the process of content management, which, on the basis of statistics, never crossed the line to need unlimited disk space.

Company sites

Companies are different, but they often create websites that contain only a small amount of information. So, there is no need to spend money on an expensive tariff with unlimited disk space. Of course, if you plan to introduce blogs or other information exchange sites into the site, then more capacious disks may be useful.

Personal sites or blogs

As in the case of corporate sites, everything is sharpened under the control of the CMS-panel. This means that all pages will be assigned static addresses that do not occupy a significant amount of disk space. We’ll have to try hard to make you need an unlimited tariff.

Remember that today almost all hosting providers offer enough disk space to support their Internet project for many years. The quality of the service itself will have to be judged by you, initially guided by reviews and affordable tariff plans.

Moreover, the offered packages of services from hosting providers are quite affordable. So, if you do not intend to place on the site bulk media files and video materials, then the standard packages will be enough for you for a long time.