Do I need to explain what is free hosting? Yes, of course, since in 99.9% of cases it turns out to be not at all free, but provided for advertising on your site. Often, hosters use pop-up advertisements for this purpose. 

And the majority of companies that offer free hosting, assure that they provide hosting exclusively free of charge. And therefore, do not rush to correct your problems or respond to requests for support. 

Moreover, even if the service is offered free of charge, it must be perfectly acceptable for use. But often the quality of services leaves much to be desired.

Consequently, the notion of “free” hosting is not in essence, “barter” hosting is more appropriate. Otherwise, too many people would be interested in it, and the hosting companies suffered losses.


It’s no secret that free hosting is worse than paid for quality and speed. Helpdesk support, good speed and more – all these are unrealistic dreams, although they promise you reliable hosting. But reliable does not mean good, but conforms to the standards of free hosting. 


It is quite possible to find a free hosting service where you will not need to place ads on the pages of your site in return. However, this does not mean that the company does not profit from this cooperation. A free account is enough only for the operation of a small site, whose bandwidth is not great. It is possible to use such hosting only at the beginning of the development of the Internet business, further the needs increase. 

Providers are sure that in the near future you will switch from free to paid hosting. Moreover, the majority of free hosting provide the opportunity to get not a domain, but a subdomain and directory. Because of this, the URL looks something like this: And therefore, if there is a desire to move to another host, there is a chance to lose the site entirely.

What does the hoster get in this case? The first is recognition of your brand, since it is published on a huge number of free hosting directories. Second, it places your URL and your name on other sites, again earning popularity. And if the level of free services provided is quite high, it is possible to earn good reviews. Taken together, it will enable us to develop a good potential in terms of paid hosting. 

Often, a start-up hosting company offers (for a year or more) only free hosting to unwind, and then it makes the service paid and most customers switch to paid hosting. Good pay for a long wait, right? After all, now the company itself is able to attract a large number of customers, without affiliate advertising.


In fact, at the beginning of the article, this has already been mentioned – and this is a “barter” hosting. That is, you can get quality services for advertising. The main advantage of such cooperation is the ability to adjust the location of this advertisement, that is, it will not be added automatically to the end or top of the page, and you yourself will control its placement. 

Of course, this is discussed with the hoster. As a rule, the provider asks to place an advertisement so that users can easily notice it. But in any case, you can combine it with the design of the site.

But this option is not for everyone. The hosting company is also aimed at a specific audience in order to attract more customers. Therefore, you should have high attendance among web designers, web programmers and other professionals who may be interested in hosting. Thanks to this, your chances of free hosting increase. Therefore, if the project has just started, you will most likely be refused such cooperation.