How to implement domain transfer to another registrar

Each website on the Internet is located on a specific domain name, which is leased from the provider, or is completely redeemed. But what if you need to change the address of your resource? In this article we will discuss the main aspects of transferring a domain to another registrar.

Before describing the correct transfer sequence, we remind you that this issue is extremely important to maintain the stability of the site. Therefore, once again make sure the reliability of the resources used and local registrars.

First step

So, to transfer a domain to another registrar, choose the most suitable conditions for yourself. Check out the full list of services provided and a set of tools for further service. The base are:

  • The ability to change personal data, including contacts
  • Replacing NS-servers and the possibility of registering new ones
  • Ability to connect name servers with DNS regulation
  • The possibility of extending the lease address

Second step

If all of the above is provided by the registrar, then you can proceed to the next step. First of all, decide on whether you really need to transfer the site now and why. There can be several reasons:

  1. Previously, all domains belonged to several companies, and now only one, therefore it is advisable to get rid of the separation.
  2. You are not satisfied with the rental price.
  3. You do not have enough useful tools and services to comfortably maintain the site / domain maintenance
  4. The instability of the work of the registrar, or its liquidation

If you are determined to transfer a domain, then it’s time to prepare an appeal to the registrar that suits you with a request to accept your current address for servicing. Of course, before that it is necessary to notify about the transfer of the current provider.

Most users do not have problems with this issue, as registrars provide a similar service in the administration panel. It is worth considering the probability of the existence of special transfer rules that each registrar sets at its discretion. However, in the modern market, an increasing number of providers try to adhere to uniform standards to facilitate the procedure.

Pay attention to the reviews of the registrar and the duration of stay in the market. Remember that a low price is not the main argument when choosing a service provider. Also study the current bans on the transfer of a domain name that may be valid in your zone.

Possible difficulties in transferring a domain to another registrar

You may encounter the following restrictions or restrictions:

  • Domain transfer is not carried out, if 60 days have not passed from the moment of its purchase or lease. A similar ban is set for names that expire after 15 days.
  • You will not be able to transfer a domain if you have changed your contacts and from this moment 60 days have not passed.
  • Domain transfer is carried out only in the absence of a ban by the registrar. The corresponding status is set in the control panel and displayed as “ClientTransferProhibited”.
  • Migration is only available if you have not hidden your contact information using Domain Whois Protection.
  • Domain transfer is carried out only if all the data that you specified with the old and the new registrar is consistent. They must be completely identical.

The domain name transfer mechanism is implemented by the EPP-key (AUTHCODE), which is unique for each individual address. Contact the registrar to get information about it and transfer it to a new provider.

Be prepared for a new registrar to ask you to document the specified data. 
In addition, the transfer is implemented using a number of characters that you can install yourself. This is a kind of password consisting of 8-20 letters, special characters or numbers.

It is also worth noting that, along with the transfer of the domain, you need to take care of paying the rent, which includes the cost of the transfer. Usually, a new registrar will notify you about this.

After confirming the transfer of the domain to a new registrar, you will be required to confirm the operation being carried out using a unique code, or follow the link that is sent to the e-mail specified in the contact details of the owner. However, this rule may not work in certain areas.